Which Do You Prefer? (Suhali line)

  1. I've decided to start saving for my next bag and I would really like to add a Suhali bag to my collection. I can't seem to decide which one I like better, the white Lockit GM or the white Le Fabuleux. Anyone who has either of these bags, I would love to have your input. TIA! :p
  2. Both are really GREAT bags... but if I would have to choose, I would get the Le Fab first and then the Lockit... The Le Fab stands out more. :biggrin:
  3. I agree with John, the le Fab is just gorgeous :love:
  4. Le Fab
  5. i saw the Lockit GM in the store in Toronto, and it's ENORMOUS :wtf:. it looks like some form of luggage. the Le Fabuleux is too box-like for me, but it's a beautiful bag :yes:; get that one first :biggrin:
  6. Both are lovely...I'll go with Le Fab too, though!:love:
  7. I like the Lockit pm the best, I'm not a fan of all the hardware on the Le Fab...I think you need to hold both and see which one makes you happiest!
  8. Le Fab!
  9. Well the GM is HUGE! I absoutely LOVE the Le Fab, L'Imprevisible, Le Tal and the Lock-it.

    If I were you, I would wait on a lock-it
  10. I would get Lockit MM (GM is more of a travel size). I got sick of Le Fab quickly + I only find it useful to carry papers.
  11. Le Fab
  12. lockit for sure...good luck
  13. Lockit.
  14. Le Fab
  15. Lockit!