Which do you prefer: spring/summer, or fall/winter?

  1. Obviously, people's wardrobe's fluctuate between the seasons. So, which season do you find yourself dressing better in: spring and summer or fall and winter?

    I usually dress better in the wintertime because I have a lot of nice sweaters and vintage wool fur-trimmed blazers (or just wool blazers in general) as well as pants. Not to mention, my favorite shoes are my Fendi rainboots and my Miu Miu boots. I don't have a lot of short-sleeved shirts and I HATE shorts and flip flops.
  2. fall/winter! i think b/c fall and winter are longer here than spring/summer, so i don't mind spending more on clothes that i can get more wear out of. and the whole back to school shopping never really stopped for me when i finished school. alwways buy a ton of clothes in september.
  3. Love F/W! Moderate dislike for S/S...
  4. I like the F/W, love the spring and moderately dislike the summer.
  5. I love summer but I love winter to dress up!
  6. Somehow I'm a spring/summer girl. I mean you can wear literally anything you want in the summer, whereas it's limitted in the winter.
  7. :heart: :heart: :heart: F/W ! I would love to get the Aug. issues of magazines, watch the shows on style .com to see what I would want to wear ...you know, like study.....
    What is funny, is that I live in L.A. and can not wear any of the beautiful items. I have been here for 10 yrs and still can't get into S/S.:yucky:
  8. I think I dress better in the spring actually ... can wear almost all of my clothes/shoes....

    But I do prefer fall clothes ... more luxe....
  9. I prefer Fall/Winter
  10. i love spring/summer at least ppl can see the clothes i spent money on. In fall/winter i'm always bundled up.
  11. i love fall/winter wardrobe because i love the weather and secondly i can layer my clothing. i dislike summer, there is only so much you can wear due to the heat.
  12. I like Fall/Winter =) I tend to dress very conservatively anyway, so the colder weather gives me an excuse to wear more clothes :P
  13. I'm from Singapore, where it's Summer ALL YEAR ROUND, but I prefer Fall/Winter clothes!!! Well. Singapore's version of Fall/Winter clothes anyway - not the totally HEAVY duty stuff to to keep you warm. :P

    I love the darker tones and the luxe fabrics. I love my long sleeve turtle necks and boots, and I wear 'em even though I get really strange looks. But I can't help it! I just like Fall stuff :shame:

    Thank goodness everything here is air conditioned :graucho:
  14. Fall/winter, no doubt.

    I love designer jeans, nicely cut "work" pants, velvet or corduroy jackets/blazers, high leather boots, nice heels, gorgeous winter coats, and sweaters.

    The only downside is, I spend WAY more money on my fall/winter wardrobe!!!!
  15. Fall, not so much winter. I love jeans, sweaters, layered shirts, scarfs, etc. I love the season itself too. I like spring because I love wearing skirts. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold.