Which do you prefer? Souple or Madamoiselle?

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  1. Please help!! I can't decide on this 2 bags. Can someone please tell me which bag is nicer? I was tempted for the Mad tote bag, but then kinda like the Souple too. Which do you think is better for everyday use?? EVery advice counts. Thank you!
  2. For everyday I would definitely vote for the souple. I've been reading threads on the Mad. line and since it's lambskin, it may be too delicate for everyday use. Also the souple seems more of a casual bag to me.

    both great bags though!
  3. I prefer the souple.
  4. What does the souple look like? (Have no idea.. sorry.)
  5. courtesy of CHANELboy :yes:

  6. ^Thanks Jen! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: I think the Souple is better!
  7. no problem iqaganda!! :smile:
  8. Madamoiselle :smile:
  9. I have a couple of souple purses (1 is like the one you're thinking about) and LOVE them, they're practically scratch proof and great to use every day.
  10. Shoot!! There are other Souple style bags too?? I didn't know. I thought my Souple was the one picture above. But notice there was a square which is called souple also??? Am confused. Hopefully mine is the one from pic. cuz I dont really want the square looking one. Can someone confirm this?? TIA.
  11. IMO, mademoiselle is much nicer but impractical.