Which do you prefer? Shop online or the boutique?

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  1. I don't know if this was asked before but would you rather shop online like Eluxury, LV's website or at a boutique?

    Another question too. I have ordered some bags on Eluxury before and I noticed Eluxury doesn't charge sales tax (which means more money saved especially on the pricey ones). Do you have to comply with your local state tax? How does it work? Just curious. :confused1:
  2. Since eluxury doesn't deliver to Canada, I have no choice. But I love the boutique experience. I could hang out there for hours. Even the two times I returned something, the SAs didn't make it uncomfortable. I can't help but drop in whenever I'm in the area, just to look around and say hi to my fave SA.
  3. I've never experienced buying online, but since no tax applies buying through elux i might probably start soon.
  4. Boutiqueeeee all the wayy!

    Unless it's not available at the store.. then online. :sad:
  5. I prefer the boutique...although I feel like I miss so much whenever I go...I don't know why!
  6. Ohhh if only I could get to a BOUTIQUE! .....but love the no sales tax online
  7. I prefer the boutique because I examine everything closely before I buy.
  8. I really wish I'd shop online and save the tax, but I am usually too impatient and go for the boutique.
  9. I prefer the boutique. But when I know exactly what I want while sitting around at home I'll order from elux.
  10. boutique!!!!!!!!!
  11. If it's the same price I definitely prefer a boutique. I like being able to try out the item I am buying in person. But, if buying online saves me sales tax and extra savings, then I'll buy online!
  12. I like to go to the boutiques especially when there's new releases I'd like to see irl, and if I have other boutiques to visit. Otherwise on line is great especially on lazy days when I don't feel like driving and messing with traffic.
  13. i love buying from boutiques...but have also ordered from elux to save some $$ (for my next purchase!) they have no tax and will often have periods of no shipping fees, esp. around the holiday season. they will even occassionally have bags that are hard to get (but sell out quickly). elux will still send u the bag in a LV box and their customer service is wonderful. but nothing quite like making a purchase in person and getting to take ur new yummy home with u:p
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