which do you prefer? new bags or old?

  1. I was just curious how many of you tpfers prefer to use your new "it" bag or do you prefer to use one of the older or classic styles?
  2. I prefer my older Speedy 25 which I've had forever. Don't get wrong, I love my newer bags also (Tulum PM) but tend to stray back to my Speedy because it's broken in, I don't have to worry about the vachetta leather, and it's just plain, old comfortable!:smile:
  3. okay i'll go first...i like using the newer bags because of course...they are new and get tired of the older styles lv has already produced. i think it's just recently that lv started launching new styles more frequently. i do though have favorites and special occasion bags that i wear more frequently than others. i try my best to buy the bag if and only if i am completely in love with it and not just try to keep up with the jones's. i admit however that i feel that way at times (buying the IT bag). i don't know do any of you feel this way? or is my attention span just too short?
  4. All depends..I love Epi discontinued colors and when I find them used but in great condition without any odor then I don't mind to purchase, I also found my BH in wonderful shape with an amazing patina, this is great because someone else worried about get the patina evenly all the way around.. now I just finished the good work somene else started.. adding a little more darkness to it.

    so..NO I don't mind used, but I also love to purchase brand new bags as well.
  5. For me, I prefer classics. I do love many of the other "trend" bags that come out, but I don't want to shell out $1000+ on a bag I can only use for a season or 2. I'd buy something cheaper, such as Guess for a more trendy bag - they make some pretty cute ones, but don't break the bank.
  6. I love my 8yr old speedy as much as my one month old miroir and anybag in between!!
    love them all~~:heart::nuts:
  7. I'm only new to the world of lv but I'm a fan of darkened patina.

    I love how it looks well loved :heart:
  8. I like the newer styles right now, but there are a few classics that I will never stop loving like my speedy. It all depends on my mood, I guess.
  9. I'm kind of both.

    I still use my 10 years old Petit Noe..at the same time I love to buy new bag (whether "It" or not).

    Anyway, I've at least 8 bags that I bought it new when it came out and haven't use it yet.
  10. Yeah I'm a little of both. I like using bags right when I get them but then I put them into regular rotation with my other ones.
  11. Being new to this addicition, i'm leaning more on the classics cause it is styled in a way that it never goes out of fashion. i do like the neverfull too because of its functionality and i'm also looking forward into getting my hands on the Tivoli pm. So I guess, for me, it all boils down on how usefull the bag is!;)
  12. All depends! I adore my CB pap and my Cerise Sac Plat, but my regular mono items I tend to get bored of. So I guess I enjoy LE items more than perm just because they seem special to me and I had to work extra hard to get them KWIM?
  13. Hmmm, I guess I prefer both.

    Right when I get a NEW bag of course that is the bag I am going to carry around for awhile ......

    BUT I like to rotate bags everyone once in awhile so all of them are being used.

    Therefore, after using the NEW bag for quite awhile I will eventually go back to using the old ones later on down the road. :tup:
  14. New new new!!! Although the only bags I kept in my collection were an MC speedy, a cherry blossom piece, and a stephen (all out of date)!
  15. I have to say both. It is always exciting to get a new bag and some of the new LV's are stunning this Fall. Still I have my older bags that i enjoy using and they are classics that will never go out of style. Really it all depends on the day. But I must add that I do love when the vachetta leather gets that lovely patina.