Which do you prefer: Legacy or Tattersall

  1. Well, looking at my collection I am not sure you could tell which I prefer.

    From the moment I saw the Tattersall I had to have everything (scarf, umbrella, tote, etc...)

    I am wondering if you HAD to choose one, which is your favorite?

    If the Lily had Tattersall lining I swear I would buy every color. How ridiculous is that????
  2. For me it would definetely be legacy.
  3. It's not ridiculous at all! I'm the exact same way about Legacy! All of my bags are legacy except for my Miranda. I'll buy anything if it has the legacy lining! :girlsigh:
  4. I love the look of both but Legacy wins out for me.
  5. I love both, but I think I might like the Tattersall better. But if you ask me tomorrow, I'd probably say Legacy. I don't know, they're both so beautiful. I love looking in my bags with Legacy lining. But when I went to buy a Legacy wristlet, I ended up with the Tattersall instead because it was just too cute. I can't choose, I love them both equally!!!!
  6. Legacy is just so colorful, so beautiful :tender:
  7. I vote tattersall... I am avidly collecting all the tattersall I can get my hands on! haha
  8. Legacy
  9. LEGACY !!! :tup::yahoo:

    I have to say that it is my favorite lining EVER!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  10. I like them both too, but I would have to pick Legacy. I prefer vibrant colors to softer tones, I guess that's why/
  11. I have to vote for both!!! They are both cute and unique!
  12. LOVE the Legacy!
  13. Oh, that's a tough one. Comparing the two side-by-side without consideration to the bag it's in, I'd say it's pretty close to a tie. But since I don't care for any of the bleecker bags but haven't yet found a legacy I don't like, I would have to vote legacy!!
  14. Definitely Legacy. I don't own anything Tattersall. For some reason, it just doesn't appeal to me.
  15. I love both of the Legacy and the Tattersall linings! I choose ... both!