Which do you prefer Le fab or birkin?


I prefer the esthetics/apperance of....?

  1. Le Fabuluex

  2. Birkin

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  1. Hmm...there's been a lot of buzz in the LV forum about hermes, this has got me thinking...Le Fabuleux or Birkin. I've compared photos of the two all weekend and I have to say I prefer the Le Fab. I like that it can be a shoulder or handheld and that it has the hardware detail (also the price is a little softer on the wallet). I've even shown the pics to my BF and he agrees (which is a big deal because he could care less about purses). What do you think?
  2. I prefer Le fab because it look younger compare to birkin :P
  3. Le Fab Le Fab Le Fab all day long.

    I have not quite reached the point where Hermes does anything for me. Cannot speak to what the future holds but at this point in my life those bags do not ring my bell.

    I have just recently come to know the beauty of the Le Fab and I want them all. Just a really beautiful bag.

    Le Fab Le Fab Le Fab :heart: :heart:
  4. Le fabuluex.
  5. Le Fab for sure...

    I dont think that the birkin is a functional bag...although it is very pretty....the le fab seems to be to have both function and style appeal...

    I just dont like Hermes purse pieces anywayz...their scarfs is so awesome though!!!!!
  6. JPG Birkin :graucho: :lol: Now that I have both, Le Fab has too much going on, IMO.
  7. for some reason i don't like le fab...i adore the birkin though..wonder when i can get one
  8. Why not give up two Le Fabs and get a Birkin. You will still have three Le Fabs left!:idea:

  9. ^^yeah yeah. Give em up. :idea:
    I know lots of people out there who would love to help you set them free:idea:

    LOL :roflmfao:
  10. I love the birkin and the kelly! If only I could afford one!!
  11. Birkin all the way!!!
  12. i like the Birkin better! never really liked Le Fab that much
  13. i love both... but i love birkin better :smile: its more classy..
  14. A Birkin is just soo timeless!!!
  15. Birkin I must say