which do you prefer from the new ivoire epi line? Passy or Bowler?

  1. im debating between these two bags to get ...i like both so it's hard to decide...any thoughts?
  2. Bowler PM so adorable!
  3. I like the Passy, it's so cute.
  4. I love the Bowler! Super cute!
  5. I prefer the Passy! :smile:
  6. Passy, I saw it IRL and love it!!! (I didn't care about Passy before I saw the bag in Ivoire)
  7. i love the passy too. the one on display at Saks in beverly hills loooks gorgeous!
  8. Def the passy - dress it up or down. I'm trying to figure out how to work it into this year. (Yes, I know it's only Feb.)
  9. Passy :yes:
  10. Are we talking about the smaller one or larger PASSY-PM OR GM?
  11. Passy....
  12. LV didn't use PM for Passy because I didn't see it on LV website!

    Passy means the smaller one.
  13. thanks for the answer, I do like the passy, but am leaning towards the epi.......speedy!
  14. My friend and I saw the Bowler PM last Saturday and he said that it looks like a smiley face from the front, so I would have to pass on that. Get the Passy!
  15. passy!