Which do you prefer? Bubble Quilt bowler or Lady Braid bowler?


Bubble Quilt bowler or Lady Braid bowler?

  1. Bubble Quilt

  2. Lady Braid

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  1. For those that have either, is it comfy on the shoulder? Fairly easy to get in and out of?

    Also, is the blue of the Lady Braids that are coming out a dark navy blue or more of a bright blue? I've seen pics listed of the different Lady Braids, and I really like the brighter blue, but that may just be the lighting.
  2. Swanky, if you see this, can you please move it to the main forum? I accidentally listed it in the shopping forum.
  3. i don't have either of them, so i can't be of much help, but i'm not sure if the LB bowler can be worn on the shoulder comfortably with say a thick coat/jacket on. i DEFINITELY prefer the look of the lady braid though, its so pretty!
  4. i prefer the lady braid satchel over the BQ. not sure if you can carry on the shoulder; looks like hand-held.
  5. I don't remember being able to fit the LB bowler over the shoulder, but it is more refined than the BQ, which looks more casual/sporty. So my vote goes to LB.
  6. I love the lady braid satchel (and the only style I like in the Bubble is the flap).
  7. Don't think BQ would be a good shoulder bag, as the base is so wide.
  8. I love the lady braid!
  9. My vote is for the Lady Braid. The blue LB looks very bright in this photo in another thread. I think it's a pretty color.

    I would be curious to know how well the LB fits over the shoulder as well.
  10. The LB bowler is gorgeous Tammy! I'm on the list for the charcoal grey bowler.