Which do you prefer? a Black Marina or Black Venetia?

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  1. I'm torn right now! I just bought the black venetia with silver hardware, and now i found a black marina with silver hardware for 40% off! the marina is $585. Is this a good deal? which should I go for?

    I can return the venetia if i need to

  2. marina all the way
  3. Was the Venetia on sale too? If not, I say go for the Marina...that's such a great price!! I didn't actually know what the Marina looks like so I did a search and found this picture of Katie Holmes with one. Is this what it looks like? If so, that's a great looking bag!!


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  4. Yes, the Venetia is on sale for $800 CAD. But, the think i don't like about the marina is that it does not zip closed at the top, it's open. The bag does look good on Katie tho, and yes, that is the marina!
  5. I prefer the marina, black with silver hardware is a great find!
  6. I'd go with the bag with the best functionality... if you are more comfortable with the zipped Venetia(despite the strap), then keep the Venetia... but if you like the easier access of the Marina, then keep that one. They're both classic MJs in my book. I'd also be concerned about safety, I wouldn't want strangers getting into my bag easily when I'm not looking.
  7. Since you have hestitation about Marina (not closed on top), don't get it. It's really a personal preference, you should make your decision based on what you like (not what others like). I went through 2 similar episodes this year: I ordered a black Sophia LE from NM, I returned it the minute I received it b/c I know it's not my type of bag (even though it's very popular). I totally regret buying a black Little Stam recently, I dislike the chain so much (many like the funky vibe it gives though).

    There are several bags from the same line with Marina, some styles are closed on top.
  8. I don't realize the marina didn't close. I like the large satchel more. It has 2 pockets rather than one and it zips closed. But they're really hard to find!
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