which do you perfer???

  1. Do you like better the large musette or the tulum GM? thanks:smile:
  2. tough one.....
    i bought tulum GM and it was WAY TOO BIG!!!

    but i saw two women carrying tulum GM on their shoulder - and they were just so gorgeous!!! i might wanna buy it again......
    musette is cute too, specially as a messenger bag - like a hippy bag!
  3. I like the Tulum GM. I like that you would have the option of expanding the strap to make it a shoulder bag to a messenger style bag. I think the turnlock looks nice!

    I'm not really a fan of the Musette. It seems like all of your stuff would be piled on top of each other in the bag since it's a vertical bag. But, I do like it in the Damier print - not sure if it's a special order or part of the regular line.
  4. Definitely Tulum GM. I would consider getting it myself except that it looks huge on me. If you're relatively tall, it works better.
  5. yah, tulum GM gets my vote!
  6. i like better the large musette !
  7. Musette.
  8. tulum gm
  9. Tulum... don't like the shape of the Musette.
  10. It depends. I have both and I use the musette more. It's more casual for me. But the Tulum is a nice bag and is more versatile, I think.
  11. Tulum GM
  12. tulum
  13. tulum
  14. Tulum GM
  15. Large musette