Which do you like

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  1. So I am not a regular poster but hoping some of you will chime in and help me make a decision.

    The colors and fonts are fine... i picked them... Which layout/background do you prefer??

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  2. I prefer the one on the left :smile:
  3. Thank You!!! So does my husband!! I just feel like its could use an extra chandelier or something... dont you think????
  4. I prefer the one on the right...layout & background
  5. if you like the left .. how about split the chandelier left and right, txt in the middle!?!
  6. the one on the right
  7. the left one!
  8. The one on the right. It looks "dirtier" and flirtier with a good combo of swirly, intricate things and scratchy, streaky things.
  9. Left one is more pleasing to my eye.
  10. Thanks everyone! I am really torn...
    Part of me says that means neither one of them is the right one... I am having another vendor make a sample for me
  11. im a graphic designer (not that it matters) but i find the right one more pleasing to the eye :smile:

    though, i personally would use a different font for the black wording...just a thought. and i have that font and love it ;)
  12. I like the left one, the landscape view invitation.
  13. Left
  14. Usually I go with symmetry, but in this case I like the one on the left.
  15. left.