which do you like using the most?

  1. small, medium or large bags? i lean on the small-medium but the small ones should be roomy and the medium ones should be light to carry. how about you, ladies?
  2. I'm a minimalist and could certainly go day to day with a tiny clutch like LV's pochette accessoires, but I like the look of medium-large bags more.
  3. Large but not huge, LV Speedy 35 is the average size for me.
  4. Medium! Like the Balenciaga Twiggy ... perfect size for me! I don't like really large bags (I have one tote that I rarely use), and if they're too small ... I can't fit all my stuff into them.
  5. I prefer small pochette-sized bags. My medium/large bags almost never get used unless I'm travelling.
  6. Although I like big bags for work, I found that the size of LV Speedy 25 is the most suitable size for me for many occasion (like going to the movies, mall, and fling).

    I think I tend to go to small-medium bags, but for some design, I love big bags.
  7. I tend to use medium the most.
  8. I guess I'm more for medium to large.. well, the only large bag I have is my cambon tote and i've been carrything that quite often. that might be because it's new though. aside from that, i really like bags that are the size of the speedy 25.
  9. small to medium bags work best for me. I really will only carry a bag that will fit on my shoulder. Too much weight makes me nuts!
  10. Small to medium - whatever doesn't fit in the small, will go in the medium! Yes, I'd carry both if I were out for the day.
  11. def. large bags. and i mean large as balenciaga weekender or chanel original cabas size for everyday use.
    and something medium for very very rare occasion like going to party or clubbing.
  12. i love large bags since i need to bring along a lot of things with me when i leave the house.

    i have a few clutches and smaller purses, but those I tend to leave at home.
  13. I love the look of the medium to larger bags; however, I tend to use smaller bags, of not clutches, b/c I don't carry that many things when I go out.
  14. I like a medium to large bag for daytime use, I can easily fit papers, magazines, books, even some clothes in them! I would rather carry one big bag than several small ones, which is what I would end up doing if tried to get away with a small bag during the day.

    I like a small bag or clutch for going out in evenings. Sometimes I even put my evening bag inside my big daytime bag to make the switch on the fly.
  15. I feel silly carrying large bags - plus I never know what to put in them and I hate digging around in them at a register at a store. The LV speedy 25 is the perfect size bag for me. All I really need is my wallet, phone, keys and makeup....if I need to carry more than that around it either goes in my car or I just stay home!!!