Which do you like the least?


Which TWO should I say bye bye to first?

  1. Classic Whiskey Edith Satchel

  2. Medium Whiskey 06 Paddinton

  3. Medium Rouge 06 Paddington

  4. Mousse small front pocket paddington

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I need to downsize my paddy and Edith collection but am having a difficult time deciding :confused1:...I do have an edith tall satchel (conteen) already listed on eBay but need to say bye bye to at least one other Chloe asap!

    Which of these do u like the least? Whiskey 06 paddy, Rouge 06 paddy, Mousse 06 small front pocket paddy (the professor), Classic Whiskey Edith?
    They are all BNWT except the whiskey edith which I used a couple of times at most.

    I almost listed the whiskey paddy but after taking the pictures and seeing them through the photos...I fell in love? with it and can't let go of it! Does this ever happen to any of you??? This is really difficult to do! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: I don't want to part with any of them yet I don't use them all and don't need all of them! :wtf: Are there any that I should NEVER part with?

    I personally love the rouge paddy the most, though I'm not sure how practical a red paddy is for me....
    The mousse is gorgeous and most sentimental to me since my DH bought it for me, but doesn't fit my needs...:sad: The whiskey paddy's leather is super gorgeous, and whiskey is one of the paddy's most classic colors, isn't it? And the classic whiskey edith? I think it's a great lovely bag that matches everything in my closet...but not sure if I am passionate about it!

    As you can see, I could use some advice! I do want to keep at least ONE paddy in my collection of purses or I think I will regret selling all of them later.
  2. Very hard decision...

    If you are least passionate about the Edith, maybe that's your answer? :shrugs:
  3. Oh this is very hard! But I would limit my choice to either the mouse fron-pocket or the classic edith. Don't you dare :p give up the rouge or whiskey paddies!
  4. I cant advise you to sell ANY of them. Geeze I love them all! I'm torn...
  5. keep Whiskey and Choco paddy...:yahoo:
    sell Whiskey edith perhaps??:shrugs:
    or sell baby Mousse if you can rise above the sentimental value??:sweatdrop: I know how difficult that feels, my hubby bought me an LV Viva-Cite MM a few years back when it first came out, but even though I don't use it, I can't sell it either because of the sentimental value attached to it. It was a birthday gift.

    Okay, make it simple--> mintpearl, bid farewell to your lovely Whiskey Edith :closed:
  6. I don't know but I am not that keen on the Edith and I don't like the paddy in red that much so I would hesitate between the two.
  7. Of all I would sell the Edith because I am a paddy nut, but at the same time I don't think you'll get the same $$ for the Edith that you would get for a paddy.
  8. Keep the classic paddingtons...I think those are the BEST! :yahoo:
  9. Can you post pics please? Make it easier for us/me to choose :yes:
  10. The Edith, although the resale value is not great. I have a first edition whiskey Edith, and a gorgeous chocolate one, but I just can't bond with the style. I end up keeping the in my closet, unused, rather than get a few hundred dollars for them. One day I guess I'll have to start a Chloe museum.
  11. You have ALL of those bags and you haven't used them?!? :wtf:

    Feel free to send any of them to me. :graucho:

    I voted to sell the rouge Paddy, since you don't find the color practical.
  12. I would sell the edith... but you said it matches your closet~ maybe you should sell your mousse, because you said it doesn't suit your needs.
  13. I'd say get rid of either the edith or the rouge paddy.
  14. ^couldnt agree more:smile:
  15. an edith vote from me too :smile: