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Which do you like the best?

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
Or hate the most? LOL

I can't remember them having the large hobo when I was at the site last....now they have me all confused.


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B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
Thanks for all of your opinions.... :biggrin:

I got the rest of my Banana Republic bags yesterday...I have it narrowed down to just two styles that I would keep...sad to say I'm disappointed.

The larger Kempton in brown, is a lovely bag in person...except where the magnetic closure disk is in the front panel, you can see the shape of it, as well as the shape of the support thing around it, through the leather. Pretty much a deal breaker for me. :sad:

I think the hardware detailing on the larger size is much nicer than on the smaller bags. I went to return just the vachetta color in the smaller size, and I was halfway down the street before I turned around and grabbed the dark brown and black one to return as well. I'm not sure if I am just used to the more antiqued hardware now or what....but on this style it is super bright and shiny. I tried to envision when I would carry the two bags....and I couldn't. So back they went. It was funny, when I returned them (SCP in case anyone nearby wants to take a peek at one) the gals were all ooh-ing and ah-ing over them....they didn't have any of the new styles yet in there store.

And the large Tangiers triange bag. The smaller of the two sizes is really cute, but pretty tiny. The smaller is similar in function to the Kooba Frankie, being that it has a center zipper compartment when you open up the two handles....and then down the inside of handles, it turns in to a large pocket on both sides of the zipper. The handle length on both the small Tangiers triange and the small hobo is VERY short. I'm on the slender side, 5'8" 128 lbs, and where the handles meet the bag, it touches my underarms. I can see how I would get irritated with the bag if I carried it for any length of time. The smaller Tangiers has a bit more "armpit" room than the hobo.

So....like I said I do like the large Tangiers seems like a keeper....
.....unless I decide the the IF QP that I am due to get this week and the IF Metal of Honor (that I bought at Saks this week...I couldn't resist...even after all I said about it being heavy etc...it seemed more manageable somehow when I tried it again and so darn CUTE!!!) will be enough big bags...and I am leaning towards thinking that they will/need to be. The Metal of Honor will be in place of the Kooba Sienna under the tree from my hubby (ha)...I snuck the QP (I'll deal with that later, lol) and I ordered the black AB saddle bag (large and medium, I wasn't sure which size so I'll choose when I get them) through Summerblu.com with the price match that they gave me ($360!!!). I think that is plenty for me for a while...

I do have pics of most of the BR ones....but on regular film to be dev. I can do that asap if anyone wants to see, otherwise I will finish out the roll first.

I'll tell you, I have never spent so much money on bags before I started in on this forum!! :shame: ACK!!