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Which color with SH

  1. Plomb GSH Day

  2. Vert Fonce GSH Day

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  1. After changing my mind about the Violet GSH Day to First i still needed to have a Day bag.:nuts: I just got these two gorgeous bags from Kim and both have awsome leather.:drool: I just need your opinion which color looks good with the SH. I personally like the Plomb GSH Day :tup:but i need more votes.:p
    IMG_3308 (2).JPG IMG_3309 (2).JPG IMG_3312 (2).JPG IMG_3313 (2).JPG IMG_3316 (2).JPG
  2. Two more pics.:smile:
    IMG_3314 (2).JPG IMG_3315 (2).JPG
  3. I am surprised to find that I prefer the Vert Fonce in your photos. Maybe it is because I like the look of the leather though???
  4. Nanaz.......both of those bags are TDF!!!! But I think you'll LOVE the Plomb!!!! It's gorgeous and extremely versatile. :yahoo:
  5. WOW Nanaz...BOTH are SPECTACULAR...the leather and the HW combo. I can totally see why it would be difficult to decide. My vote is going to the plomb...because it sounds like it makes your heart thump a little faster than the VF.
  6. Nanaz.. Im carrying the Vert Fonce SGH day today... shes sitting right next to me in my desk;).. HmMM... since you dont have plomb yet... I like plomb too.. this ones a tough one... I say keep the plomb if you dont have one yet. :tup:
  7. hmmm, may be i shouldn't have said i like the Plomb :pnow you all are going to say Plomb. :roflmfao:Just ignore my preference and vote for what makes you go WOW.:graucho:
  8. plomb without a doubt!
  9. You know what I am going to say- Plomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is enough to make me a very happy girl until next season;)!!!!!
    Good luck and thanks for being such a sweetie:smile:!!!!!!!
  10. Aww, you are very welcome.:heart: Did every thing work out for you?;)
  11. Perfectly thanks to you- you're the best. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!
  12. I would prefer a Plomb.
  13. 100% the plomb!
  14. :woohoo::happydance::dothewave::party:
  15. Plomb all the way! :tup: