Which do you like most???????????

  1. hi girls! this is the first time i post in the louis vuitton forum. i was thinking about buying me my first LV but im not sure which to get, should i buy the monogram speedy 30 or the monogram mini lin speedy 30. i love both but dont know which, any opinions would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!! thanks girls.:yes:
  2. I'd get the Monogram Speedy 30.

    Its a beautiful and classic bag ..... perfect for your 1st LV.
  3. Mono speedy !
  4. Mono speedy 30 was my first.
  5. mono
  6. MINI LIN!!!!!! To me the Mini Lin is perfect. No Vachetta, you still get the LV logo, light weight, and not everyone has one.


  7. I think for your first bag you can't go wrong with the mono. It is such a classic.
  8. My vote is for the mono:yes:
  9. I'd go for the Mono :tup:
  10. I'm wearing both currently, and I prefer the mini lin, it's so carefree and no one has it! I get more compliments on that mini lin speedy than any other bag. I'm borrowing my friends for the fall/winter season but plan on buying one next fall, I'm in love with it! I would get a different monogram canvas bag later on, maybe a papillon or batignolles, there are so many to choose from but for a speedy mini lin is just amazing!!! I love that the handles on it are worry free.


  11. Mono
  12. My vote if for the mono since this is your first LV and you can't go wrong with mono speedy.
  13. Mono speedy, definitely! Very classic
  14. Do you mind that it can only be hand held and that if you have a lot of stuff in the bag it sags. One reason why I have never bought a Speedy is because it sags if you put a lot of stuff in it and I carry a lot with me. :yes:
  15. Go for the Mono first!!!