Which do you like more???

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  1. Just had a question:smile: Do you prefer Maggie over Sophia and why???I seen a maggie at the outlet, but I just bought my sophia and I love this bag..So would you just use the sophia or would you buy the maggie too.It is a leather one in sand I think that is the color...For me, I like the open compartment verses the 3 seperate pockets..But it is a pretty color..Maybe I should just save my BD money when I get it, that is how I was funding the maggie.Maybe I will just put it towards some fun accessorie's and a fob? I hope you can share your thoughts, and thank's in advance;)
  2. Maggie! i love everything about her. I can't seem to get on the sophia train - something about the shape just doesn't do it for me.
  3. I also prefer Maggie...Sophia looked "odd" on me.
  4. I prefer Maggie (I have 4)

    Now that does not mean it is for everyone.. The bag is a shoulder bag and it does tend to slide off the shoulder... A reason many have been returned... Me I do not care I love it either way.. It is also very large even the smallest size Maggies are extremely roomy becuase of the 3 sections... and if you go for a Large one it is insanly big..

    If you like bags that are wrist held or hand held and can be worn convertible or on the shoulder the Sophia is for you... it also has one main section something that is very useful in a rush or if you are to bizzy to remember which section you left your keys or wallet...

    It is a matter of personal taste but they are very different styles and only you can pick which one works for you..

    Me I am still on the fence with the Sofia.. I do not like the shape and that is my main issue...
  5. I personally prefer the Maggie. The Sophia looks like a nice bag but it didn't look right on "me." So nothing wrong with them, but they just didn't work for me. I like how the Maggie has the separate areas and how it hangs on me. So really it is personal preference. If you'd only buy the Maggie for the color, I'd say hold off and save your money. Maybe they'll make the Sophia or another bag you really love in that same or a similar color that you'd really enjoy. :smile:

    Good luck!
  6. Maggie - I dont like Sophia
  7. I prefer Maggie, but it's all personal preference. I like the divided inside pockets and the shoulder style versus on big compartment and satchel handles.
  8. I love maggie over the sophia. I wanted sophia to work for me, but it just didn't look right. The large is too wide and the small is too small.
  9. I'm not a Sophia fan. I love Maggie!!!
  10. I prefer Sophia....like you the mulitiple organizational pockets on Maggie drove me nuts....I like a single opening. Plus I think Maggie is more of a shoulder bag and Sophia more of a satchel. I have tried to love Maggie. She always comes in great colors but I always end up not keeping her. Since I have finally come to acceptance that she is not for me personally, I have vowed not to buy another....but I love looking at her on others.
  11. :smile:^^Thank's for all of your opinions..I know we all have different reasons for loving certain bags..That is why I wanted to ask here before I made my decision..I to had 2 maggies in the past( not leather though).They went to my sister, so maybe maggie is not for me.Like melissatrv, I do like sophia's open compartment:smile:It is also a nice classic bag... I think I might just get some of the deleted accessorie's @ the Outlet and a new fob.I just wish Coach made more gold tone fob's...Well, thank's again.
  12. I guess I am in the minority because I really don't like the Maggie. I don't like the way it's structured, the way it hangs on me, and I think it's too small the way it's built. I had a Large Cobalt Patent Maggie when they first came out last year, but ended up selling it recently since I wasn't using it.

    I love the Sophia because you unzip the bag and everything is right there and *easy* to find. I'm amazed how quickly I can grab what I need out of it when I am in a rush.
  13. I love your collection. It is gorgeous.
  14. I don't like Maggie. I prefer Sophia.
  15. ITA. The Sophia opens really wide and makes things super easy to find which I LOVE!