Which do you like more?

  1. I am trying to decide between this pair of YSL pumps & the CLs. Which one do you think I would get more wear out of? Which is more "timeless"?

    YSL: [​IMG]

  2. YSL definintly!!!
  3. I like the YSL better!!
  4. CL by far!
  5. I LOVE the CLs! I have a pair of those lapanos myself and they are so comfortable.
  6. Cl
  7. CL's, YSL look a bit odd to me :smile:
  8. Chic- do you have a pic of you wearing the lapinos that you could post? I would love to see them on someone up close. Thanks!
  9. i say go for the lapanos
  10. The YSL is definitely more timeless - the bootie style and zippers will date you to fall 07. My personal opinion is that I like the YSL by far. HTH.
  11. I prefer the YSL over the CL.
  12. oh my i love the YSL ! Great choice btw.
  13. the ysl's are more timeless, but the CL are hotter!
  14. yes! YSL is the best.. :biggrin:
  15. The YSLs are gorgeous.