Which do you like better...

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  1. and why? :biggrin:

    Papillion 30
    Saleya MM

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  2. Sorry, I'm no help. I love both and want both. But if I could only choose one, I think I would get the papillon 30 as I like the shape and think it would be good to use day and evening.
  3. Papillon 30. :love:
  4. Pappilon 30 because I LOVE its shape and it comes with a tiny accessories pouch.
  5. 30, much cuter!
  6. Oh, I forgot to say why. Well I love that it comes with an accessories pouch.
  7. I forgot to say why I like it, it's a cuter style and I love that it comes with an accessories pouch.
  8. The 30 because that is the one I want!;)
  9. papillon 30 because i want one too!!!!
  10. papillon
    i like the circular shape contrasted by the square pattern
  11. Papillon :biggrin: Shape is just cuter.
  12. i guess i'll have to be the odd one out. :smile: i like the papillion, but the only one i've ever seen carried looked weird on the frame of the girl carring it...i think you'd probably be able to use the other one more. just as good looking, but much more practical and easier to carry off i think.
  13. 30 Love the shape.
  14. Saleya. Seems more practical, like I'd use it everyday.
  15. I vote saleya MM as you would be able to use it everyday and I found that the pap 30 was not very comfortable on my shoulder (I did purchase this bag and then returned it). Depends on your needs/style etc?