which do you like better?

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  2. The Olivia Harris. :smile:

  3. i prefer the OH as well
  4. Out of the two, OH. Have you checked these out IRL? I have. JCrew uses very tough leathers. They kind of remind me of the leather Coach used long ago. However, there leathers show scratch marks easily. The OH bag, while lambskin and very soft leather, the leather is thin and the color I noticed wasn't evenly satuarated. HTH's!

  5. which style leather do you prefer?

    my fav leather is 1) washed (soft) and 2) saddle leather (like banana republic ashbury line)
  6. Olivia Harris Tote
  7. Hey Spielberg!

    I'd say my favorite leather is a soft calf; strong yet durable. I have never had the pleasure of owning a lambskin bag with suede lining yet. It is one of my goals to attain a BV!

    I would say the OH is washed soft, very soft. I don't know how strong it is though or if it can take every day wear and tear. Gryson, the mother company, does make good bags though. I'm sure whichever you choose will be fine! Happy shopping!
  8. OH, definitely.
  9. Olivia Harris looks nicer.
  10. I like the shape and style of the OH best.
  11. olivia harris for sure
  12. Olivia Harris :smile:
  13. OH, but, I could be happy with the J. Crew. (I like both types of leather.)
  14. Surprisingly, I prefer the JC. I love slouchy satchels and I love the color!
  15. i like the jcrew one a lot