which do you like better?

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  1. so i've been dying for leopard simples/miss allen j's. i should have bought them last year but i wasnt in to animal prints. now though, i really really want them. so there's a pair on ebay with 100 heels but they're red. i really wanted brown and 85s. just easier to walk in. i can wear 100s but my black simples kill me and i'm worried these will be the same. i just called madison and they have brown heels but they're 100s. and full price. would you go for the full price brown heels or the red heels for less than half price? i can't decide if i think the red is too flashy. i ultimately want to wear these with jeans, etc. thanks!
  2. We are visual creatures! We need pics!
  3. I love them with the red heel! I think the little flash of red makes them a lot more fun, not too flashy at all, especially if you're wearing them with jeans.
  4. I'd go red - but hard without pics. For half the price they are also a bit more unusual? Ultimately you must go with you heart on this. Or you will regret the pair you buy.
  5. Ahh, so much better! I would go with the red heel, but then again, I loooove color!
  6. Ha, i've been watching those miss allens on and off for a while. She has relisted them 2 or 3 times now. They used to belong to a tpfer if i remember correctly.

    I like both! But personally i'd go for the red because 1) i prefer the red and 2) 100mm heel!
  7. the brown ones are 720 at the boutique. i have a (very small- like 50 dollar or so) credit there but it's a HUGE price difference and i'm trying not to spend money.

    the other option would be to wait it out and see if i can find the brown 85s at some point but i've been stalking ebay for months and haven't seen them...
  8. i know savvy- i've been watching them too. i can't decide...
  9. Sounds like you prefer the brown?
  10. I prefer the red.
  11. don't get either... wait for the 85's that you really want. if your black simple 100's kill you, why pay so much money for another pair that'll be so painful for you?
  12. I like both, I've seen the red heels crop up a couple of times

    If pushed I'd say the brown heels BUT they are a lot HrTF so I'd go with the red


    EDIT Just read your heel preference. Definately wait for an 85mm to appear then decide on the colour should 2 appear !
  13. thanks ladies! i emailed the red heel seller to ask a question. otherwise i might go to madison tomorrow and see how i feel about the brown. i do like they they're super bright and fun, i just thought maybe it was too much with the red AND the leopard, kwim? i thought maybe the brown toned it down a little.

    i keep thinking maybe it's just me and the 100 heels. i don't know why they hurt so badly. my 85s i could walk miles in and i generally wear 3-4" heels so i don't know why those are so different. then again i have 1 pair of 85 simples that hurt too. maybe my feet are just odd.