Which do you like better?

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  1. I have been eyeing these shoes but I can only get one. Just wanted to get some opinions on which looks better. This needs to me my go-to shoe for outfits where I think black or brown is too heavy. Which would you get?


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  2. the last pair....would wear the middle more.....not liking the first.
  3. Last pair
  4. Last pair is so cute, but the middle pair is more practical.
  5. middle
  6. Last pair
  7. I like the ones in the middle.
  8. Middle, but are they light enough??
  9. The last pair.
  10. Middle pair, but I do think it may be too dark if you are looking for something that is not brown. I do like the first pair, it's exotic skin (or looks it) without being variegated in color.

    I wish you well,

  11. The python are gorgeous but I have the camel simples (I think that's what the middle ones are- I'm on my blackberry so I can't really tell) and they go with EVERYTHING! Browns, red, the color even matches the stitching on my jeans. I'm not sure if I could only have one pair ever that those would be it but they would definately be in consideration!
  12. I'll go with the middle pair.
  13. third
  14. middle