Which do you like better

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Which way do you like it the best

  1. With only the "B"

  2. With only the snail

  3. Use both

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I bought the snail for my Chelsea tote. I have the B for my name and the kids name (LOL) now what do you like better?

    Also got the tattersall wristlet for the inside wallet.
    005TPFSNAIL.jpg Snail.jpg
  2. I like both!
  3. I voted for both! I think they both look great on there the way you have them... JMO :P
  4. I like the B for that particular bag. But the snail is adorable
  5. I like both, but I would probably hang them on the same side, together but one hanging lower than the other - KWIM?
  6. I prefer both, the B matches the snail even in color. I agree with donnalynn, hang them together with one hanging lower somehow. Would look better together.:yes:
  7. I like it with just the B.
  8. Funny I just have the snail on propped up there. Have not hooked it yet. It was more for color etc. I will try the hanging on oneside and taking a new shot.
  9. Both! They're so cute I can't choose! :biggrin:
  10. That is how I use 2 charms at one time. I clip on onto the lower part of the dogleash clip so they hang at different lengths. They are both cute. If you are choosing one then I would choose the "B"
  11. I choose the Snail. However, since you have the tattersall wristlet, why not attach one of the keyfobs onto the wristlet? If anything, try attaching the snail onto the wristlet and see if you like it. And keep the "B" for your tote?
  12. I like them both.. very cute
  13. I like it with just the "B". But I am not very into the hole charm thing(a lil bias)
  14. I agree - the colors on the B and the Snail look great together and both compliment the bag - if you only want to use one at a time- rotate them.
  15. Only with the B!