which do you like better?

  1. I need to return one bag...do you like the Black Denim Cabby GM or the Tivoli GM best. I can't decide.:s Thanks much:smile:
  2. I like the Tivoli GM best, just purchased!
    It depends on what kind of bag you need/want the most at the moment, tho.
  3. Tivoli GM :yahoo:
  4. oh man that's a toughy! I think I'd keep the Tivoli because denim just doesn't seem like it will hold up as long...if only you could keep both!
  5. I would keep the Tivoli.
  6. Black Denim Cabby!
  7. Tivoli :smile:
  8. My vote is for the Black Denim Neo Cabby!!
  9. i prefer the Cabby; it's easier to take care of and the denim is remarkably durable. to me the Tivoli (especially in the GM size) looks like a souped-up version of the Lockit Horizontal
  10. Tivoli, I hate black denim ANYTHING doesn't have to be LV.
  11. Tough choice....
    I would keep the denim, it is more versatile than the Tivoli....
  12. or...another one on my list is the Manhattan GM. I could return both and get that...whatcha think??? thanks
  13. my vote goes to the cabby.
  14. I would keep the denim neo cabby because it goes with anything and it is great for any weather. It is also a lot lighter to carry. But I am biased I love my neo cabby.
  15. Neo Cabby GM, I don't like the Tivolis