Which do you like better?

  1. Natasha in Ink


    or Caramel Patent


    I realize patent is last season but I still adore it so please consider both - thanks!
  2. ink :yes:
  3. judging from the pic, i'd have to vote caramel... just because the details pop a bit more:smile:
  4. Ink:woohoo:
  5. Ink looks richer to me.
  6. 2 different pics for you:

  7. I like the ink color, which is better (less shiny) in the last pic. Have you seen it in real life?
  8. Caramel :smile:
  9. Caramel, but I'm quite obsessed by every shade of brown in this period
  10. Ink!
  11. Caramel.
  12. caramel
  13. caramel
  14. Love the ink color. Makes the bag look extraordinary.
  15. INK! But I'm a bit bias since I like blue.