Which do you like better w/this tote?

  1. My wonderful DH is out at the Coach store right now picking up my mahogany gallery tote as I woke up w/102.6 fever this morning! I'm trying to make myself feel better so I'm on tPF of course! Which wristlet do you like better w/the tote - the madison lurex gold/silver or the matching mahogany patent? I was thinking of mixing it up at bit (even though it pains me because I am the queen of matchy/matchy) because I'd like to use my whiskey Legacy french purse, and that doesnt really match either. Which would you choose? Thanks!

    Added: Or any other suggestions? Thanks!
    mahogany gallery.jpg gold wristlet.jpg mahogany wristlet.jpg
  2. I like matchy. I say go with the mahogany patent.:tup:
  3. i agree. the mahogany patent.
  4. I like the mahogany too. I think it would look gorgeous carried on its own as well.
  5. i also like the patent to go with you lovely bag. but i love the gold/silver one for a night out!
  6. I'm for the patent as well.
  7. [​IMG]I like this one, it changes things up a bit!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!
  8. I like this best, its a nice accent to the bag,
  9. Mahogany patent... :smile:
  10. Another vote for the mahogany patent :tup:

    I hope you feel better soon :flowers:
  11. patent
  12. hope you feel better
  13. i agree about the patent one, looks great!
  14. I like the patent one better, but I'm also for mixing it up a bit! I would personally get the lurex gold one!! Nice bag, BTW!!
  15. I vote patent to go with this sleek bag! Hope you are feeling better soon.