Which do you like better the Pink Flower or the Lemon?

  1. Trying to decide. Is the Flower Still in the Stores because it's a bit more expensive on eBay. The Lemon is a bit less expensive. Which do you like better?



  2. I like the lemon its so dang cute :O)
  3. I like the pink flower, but I'm partial to pink. :p I think I've seen the pink one in stores by me still.
  4. Lemon!
  5. I like the flower...i'm a pink girl too. :girlsigh:
  6. I like the flower better
  7. Lemon!! I love the sections of fabric, very cute & bright :yes:
  8. Lemon!!!
  9. do you like silver or gold better?? LOL I like the Flower
  10. The lemon's so pretty!!
  11. The lemon is too adorable.
  12. I like the Lemon. Have one myself. But I love the smell and taste of lemon... so of course I was going to love it in an accessory too! :p

    And, yes, the pink flower is still available. It's still on Coach.com.
  13. OK, I like the GRAPEFRUIT! It is PINK...has NICKEL hardware...and is SO CUTE!
  14. I like the grapefruit too but not as much as the lemon. I think I'm getting the lemon. When I was pregnant all I ever ate was lemons so I've always been a lemon girl.

    I love pink too........but not as much as the lemon!
  15. I love the pink flower! SO cute!!