Which do you like better, Damier pattern or the original LV Monogram?

  1. I dont know if this has been asked already but I wanted to see what people thought. I had just recently bought a Damier Speedy 30 which I was going to return due to some unexpected expenses, but the return policy is over the 14 days...but I was debating when I first got it if I should get the monogram or the damier...I went with the damier not because I liked it "more" because I like both equally, but only because I know on the monogram speedy's the handles get dirty after a while....since I'm having trouble trying to sell my damier speedy, i'm just thinking about either exchanging it with the monogram or just keeping the damier...

    any thoughts?

    thanks ladies!
  2. Damier
  3. why? don't u like the damier urself??
  4. Keep the Damier!!...:tup:
  5. Damier!
  6. i do like the damier...but for some reason i'm not IN LOVE with it...i bought this speedy and it has just been sitting in my closet for the past 2 1/2 weeks or 3 weeks! agggh.. I am just so in a hurry when I go out that I dont have time to switch bags or what not..anyway....I just like both equally, but almost everyone I have asked says they liked the damier better just because it's different..

    *SIGH* i'm so indecisive
  7. monogram, I only like damier in azur, just my own personal choice.
  8. I like the Mono better, i just think it's more classic and it goes with any outfit (casual or formal). I feel that the damier is more dressy/formal so I feel that I have to be "dressed" up to use it.
  9. [since I'm having trouble trying to sell my damier speedy, i'm just thinking about either exchanging it with the monogram or just keeping the damier...

    any thoughts?

    thanks ladies![/quote]

    Damier speedy sells well on eBay! Have you tried eBay? I love both, perhaps Damier a little more:heart:
  10. Damier! I only bought my mono leather goods because of the groom and the bag for my groom cles to hang:p I'll start buying more Damier oce I finish buying some LE...
  11. The Damier print was actually produced before the LV Monogram print. The Monogram print was produced after Louis Vuitton himself passed away. I love the Damier, really do.
  12. I like the Damier better. First I like the pattern more, I'm not so into the classic Monogram. Then I don't like the patina and that I have to be afraid of the vachetta to don't be dirty ecc. And you don't see that often a Damier Speedy around like a Monogram one.
  13. Gosh, I never knew that, couturecreature. How interesting!

    My personal opinion? I'm feeling a little bit tired of the Mono, expecially on the "standard" pieces, like Speedies. It is EVERYWHERE and it is copied, most of the time pretty poorly, all over the place. If you're carrying a Mono piece that is a little bit more unusual, then it is more attractive, but I think when people see a Mono Speedy, unfortunately, they ASSUME it is a fake!

    When I carry my GORGEOUS Damier Speedy 30? They drool. LITERALLY. Yesterday, a woman practically followed me from the front desk of the gym to the parking lot (okay, that was starting to feel a little scary... luckily she really only followed me about 3 feet and then stopped herself... *whew*) 'cause she couldn't believe how much she LOVED my purse!!! People also LOVE the pastel pastilles bracelet I have on her. Its like she's wearing jewelry!:tup: And nobody ever asks me if she's a fake (which they always do when I carry my Mono Looping.)
  14. I really don't like the Damier... So I'd say the original LV Monogram!
  15. I prefer Mono. But I love Damier also