Which do you like better- Choo, Tod's or Chloe

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  1. They are both beautiful, but I prefer the light blue one for Spring and Summer! That bag is GORGEOUS! And I know you are also contemplating the red one- which if you can get in the size you want- is amazing!
  2. oh my god!!! you are so right on target! That is exactly what I've beening thinking about! yes, we are both obsessers, I think that fact has more than been established now:biggrin:

  3. LOL! I am shameless! Let me know what happens- and have a great weekend- I am off to NM!!!
  4. Have fun!

  5. I can´t decide....There I one from each of them I like...

  6. I like the two red bags you posted, but personally like the Choo in the smaller version

  7. Jimmy Choo! The Tod's bag is way too conservative.
  8. tod's bag have the best quality, and are classy.
    jimmy choo are nice too, but i prefere their shoes.
    you could buy a tod's bag and a pair of choo's shoes:biggrin:
    go for the tod's,the one posted in the firts page is amazing!
  9. LOL! Great advice!!! I love Choo's shoes!!! Thanks for the input!
  10. Choo- hands down.
  11. I just ordered a Chloe Edith bag this morning from a local boutique and the store owner showed me pictures of the Fall 06 Edith shoulder bag! :love: :love: :love:
  12. Tods seems like the best long-term investment to me.
  13. OMG! It comes in a shoulder bag for Fall!!!! How did it look? Which did you like better, the Edith for spring/summer or the shoulder version!
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