Which do you like better- Choo, Tod's or Chloe


Jan 18, 2006
Ok, I need a brown/tan tote and am trying to decide between the Jimmy Choo Large Bucket Bag, the Tod's New D-Bag Media in Vachetta and the Chloe Edith. I can't decide which one to buy and would appreciate any of your suggestions!!!:wacko:
Although some people on the forum really hate it, I have to say I love the Chloe Edith. I think it's kind of unique looking, but classic at the same time. Then again, I haven't seen the bag in person, so my opinion might change if I see it. If you are deciding between them, you should really try to see it in person before making a final choice.
I don't know if these pictures will show up- but here is a try (hope it works):
Here is the Jimmy Choo (from Saks website)

Here is the Tod's bag (from NM website)
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and the Chloe Edith
I like all three. I love how the Edith looks, but it's the only one of the three that you can't wear on your shoulder. Just something to consider.
All 3 are great. One word on the Choo--- I have a Tulita from two years ago and I've maybe carried it 10 times or less, and the hardware around where the handle meets the bag came unglued! So, I'm not completely sold on the quality. The Edith is awesome, but if you need to be able to carry it on your shoulder, you should definitely keep that in mind. Good luck!