Which do you like better and why?


Which do you like better?

  1. Mini Lin Bucket in Ebene

  2. Batignolles Regular

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  1. My Aunt is going to Edmonton on October 25th, and if I like I can ask her to buy an LV for me so I can save the 7% tax.

    Do you like the Mini Lin Bucket in Ebene better or the Batignolles Regular?

    The Bucket is $1070 CAD, the Batignolles is $695, so big price difference.

    So far I don't own anything Mini Lin, but I have a Monogram Speedy 30. I'm leaning towards the bucket for that reason and because it can be put on the shoulder, but I would like to know what everyone else thinks! TIA!
  2. I prefer the mini lin by far, but I'm not a huge fan of the bucket shape, so I voted for the batignolles...it's cute!
  3. mini lin bucket it''s gorgeous...
  4. i'm not a big fan of the mini lin in ebene. i think the regular batignolles is such a cute bag :smile:
  5. i voted for mini lin bucket! I'm not a fan of the baginolles
  6. I prefer the mini lin bucket because it can be carried by hand and on the shoulders.
  7. i think mini lin bucket is one of the cutest bag in the mini lin range :smile:
  8. The mini lin bucket is nice... despite myself not liking the line or the shape! lol but I'm not sure whether the batignolles would be just that little bit more servicable...
  9. Agreed! I don't like Mini Lin in Ebene very much and I love the Batignolles.
  10. I vote for the Mini Lin...it's different and seems like it may be more roomy than the small Batignolles. I'm thinking of adding to my wish list!!!!
    Good luck!
  11. Mini Lin Bucket in Ebene. The edmonton boutique is full of great sa's.
  12. Mini lin bucket! :yahoo:
  13. I would LOVE to own the mini lin bucket...
    especially since it's fall, the ebene color would be fabulous!!
  14. I prefer Mini Lin over Mono, but I dont like the bucket shape at all so I chose the Batignolles! Good luck choosing:smile:
  15. I had a bucket...not really liking the style so I chose the other.