Which do you like better and why?

  1. I cannot decide which I like better. I already have the classic medium in chocolate brown. I am not that conservative but I love Bottega. Whichever one I choose, it will be in black.
    What do you think? Thanks!!!!

    Classic w/ Chain medium in black

    or the half woven with braid strap in black (I don't know the proper name)

  2. I personally am not very fond of the chain Venetas, so I would go with the braided handle tote. Plus you already have a Veneta so a different style would be great.
  3. This. Since you already have the classic Veneta in brown which will be too similar to the 1st bag in your post.....

    Both are desirable.... don't we all love Bottega?
  4. The 2nd one:yes:
  5. Before trying on the braided handled bag that would have received my vote, but I lean toward the other bag now.

    The leather is nice on the braided tote, but it is very soft. I felt the bag was somewhat flimsy and without any structure. I think you need to try it on and stick your things in it to see how it works for you. (maybe the weight of your contents may help it out...I did not place my things in it) I also did not care for it when it was on my shoulder. The handle was comfy, but the part that flops down where it closes did not lay right no matter what I did. I think the bag needed to be designed a tiny bit different, maybe be a bit bigger, or have a little more structure. Can't pinpoint it.

    This is just my opinion...so try it first before you buy and see how it works for you. Maybe it was just me or the one bag I tried. If it works for you...it would be a great pick.
  6. I love the 2nd one. i tried it on at the boutique and absolutely loved it. i loved the slouchiness and most especially the braided handle. eversince i got my cocker i'm so in love with the braided handles. they are super comfortable. this bag may be my next BV just have to decide on the color.
  7. Personally I like the 2nd much better, am not a big fan of the chain, I like a simpler look.
  8. I have the braided handle tote. Yes, it's unstructured, but the Veneta is also until you put your things in them. If you want something that zips or snaps shut, don't get the tote. I just sort of fold one side over the other when I don't want it open on top. For me it's comfortable on the shoulder or arm.

    Either bag is great. If I get another Veneta it will be the traditional, not the one with chain detail, just a personal preference.
  9. I have seen the chain detail Veneta in person and thought the chain looked like BV was trying to make the Veneta something it is not.The chain looked out of place to me.Almost like an afterthought. The second one looks really pretty.I love the braided strap.I have not seen it IRL.
  10. The white one. I don't see the beauty in the first one.
  11. Thank you so much for all of your opinions. You all have such great taste and are so helpful.
    I have the braided handle bag. I got it last week from Bluefly. I was having second thoughts and wondering if I made the correct choice. Thanks for helping me be sure the braided handle is the one!:smile:
  12. I love the second one. Since you already have a veneta.
  13. KDB...good for you! I am glad it worked out for you. It is really a pretty bag and I wanted one for myself as well. It just did not seem to work as well for me. Great choice...enjoy!
  14. I would get the classic Veneta! - just without the chain detail!!
  15. The second would have gotten my vote too- glad you got it! Show us pics once it comes in!!