Which Do You like Best!!


Which Do you like Best?

  1. Gold Dentelle

  2. Sliver Dentelle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The gold Dentelle Speedy?
    The Sliver Dentelle Speedy?
  2. Gold dentelle
  3. silver
  4. i'm not crazy about the Dentelle line, but i prefer the silver. the gold makes it look a little old
  5. my vote is for the silver. gold looks to tacky
  6. silver. When i looked at them both silver looked much nicer. The gold looked to busy imo.
    i thnk the gold looks nicer on the wallets and kirsten, but on bigger bags it just looks too much.
    I had my heart set on the gold BH, but when i saw them i chose the silver.
  7. gold. matches the gold in the mono print.
  8. def. Silver
  9. i would probably do gold although I love silver accessories.
    the gold matches with the mono pattern better i think.
  10. definitely silver.
  11. Im thinking gold.
  12. Hmmmm I have to look at some pics to decide. I think gold.
  13. I totally agree. Not crazy about it, but the silver looks much better.
  14. silver.
  15. My vote is for the gold speedy.