which do you currently own? med/large vs. jumbo


which size do you own in the classic flap

  1. jumbo

  2. med/large

  3. e/w

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. this is for the classic flap only, and you're allowed to vote more than one if you own more than 1 sizes. again, this is a poll for what you already own.

    i voted for all 3, cuz i've got them in all three sizes

    I think the jumbo is gonna win it though, based on my careful and scientific observation over the last couple months.
  2. I got the jumbo. Can't wait to actually get it in my hands.
  3. Jumbo- Purple Lambksin flap.

    Med/Large- red lambskin flap, black lambskin flap [both w/ new chain] & gold matte flap.

    E/W- none as of yet.
  4. OMG, lambskin queen! what an awsome collection of colors.
  5. I have the jumbo in the blush patent. I don't think I can go any smaller because then my stuff won't fit! And I love big bags...:love:
  6. haha, something so girlie about lambskin :p
  7. I have all three too! :smile: Med/large - black w/ silver, brown w/ silver, hot pink w/ silver, coral w/ gold... E/W - navy patent... Jumbo - Light beige w/ silver, red w/ new chains, and a vintage black lambskin w/ gold (bigger than the current jumbo size)! :smile:
  8. You are too cute!! :p

    I have 3 medium and 1 jumbo...definitely want to add E/W sometime in the (near) future :yes:
  9. I used to own a mini, med and jumbo. But now, I saved my Jumbo only. 2 jumbo. Caviar and Lambskin, both in black.
  10. I think mine is a medium. I really hope I can add a large or jumbo to my collection this year though:yes:
  11. i think mine is jumbo... i love it! i carry a lot of things, so this suited me well :yes:
  12. med/large right here!
  13. i own med and e/w.
  14. I own one e/w flap & the rest medium flap. I have two jumbo flaps on arrival soon.
  15. 3 medium, 1 mini