which do you apply first?

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  1. Do you apply your foundation or concealer first?
  2. I apply foundation first and then concealer on the spots where I want a little extra coverage.
  3. I apply my concealer first (esp to hide those dark circles under my eyes) followed by a powder foundation.
  4. I applied my foundation first, and then the concealer!
  5. Same as everyone else :yes:
  6. foundation, then concealor!
  7. I don't really use concealor but I would of thought to use the concealor first on any blotches, etc. Then the foundation to cover it all.
  8. depends on which foundation / concealer combo I'm using. Normally it would be foundation then concealer....but if I use my bare minerals and my benefit playstick then I do concealer first.
  9. If I need to use concealer I put it on before my foundation.. I always figured that was the logical way haha.
  10. i think eye concealer, foundation then face concealer... then powder.. i think... =)
  11. same here!
  12. I put on concealer first because I wear powder foundation.
  13. I put concealer first if covering underneath the eyes but most of the time i'll put foundation on first then spot conceal.
  14. Under-eye concealer before foundation, blemish concealer after.
  15. same for me :yes: