which do you all like better? Wapity or Pochette Acessories??


which should I get??

  1. Wapity Case

  2. Pochette Accessories

  3. get both

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  1. UGH!! So I got the Wapity but now I'm thinking after looking at all the celebrity pics that maybe I should have gotten the Pochette instead cuz you can wear it on your shoulder. So I want to hear from people who have both or had both, which is a better buy and can you get more use out of?? Or should I have both?? But if I get both then that means I won't be able to buy either the papillon 26 or the speedy 25. I want something fast (on the go) that will fit my cell, id, cash, lipstick and keys.


  2. i like pouchette,,, very useful
  3. Pochette is definitely better. It holds more and can be worn on the shoulder. The wapity is $275 and the pochette is $285, much better deal for the pochette.
  4. Pochette. Better versatility.
  5. Unless you got the Wapity for a specific purpose - like a camera case, get the pouchette.
  6. ooooooooo hard to say. i have both and love both for different reasons. the pochette is great to carry on the shoulder, but its a snug fit without an extender. it carries quite a bit and can be cute as a makeup bag inside larger purses.
    i just got a wapity and i love it! its nice how it fits credit cards, money, cell phone, pressed powder compact with mirror, lipgloss, and keys. i can also just hang it from my wrist and forget about it, its nice to hold it that way. :biggrin:
  7. Both :graucho:
  8. Pochette
  9. I vote both too...
  10. Depending on your intended usage, you may get more mileage out of the pochette, but I chose the wapity because it's cuter and less common.
  11. For me, I like the pochette better..they have more variety and can also be used as a small bag. The wapity only has 3 choices and is more of a wristlet, if anything. I did vote "both" though.
  12. Get both! I have the mono pouchette and a white mc wapity. I like the wapity for an everyday wallet for money, cards etc.
    The pouchette is nice to take if you're going to movies, dinner etc and want a small clutch without having to take a big handbag.
  13. The wapity is just soooo cute I couldn't pass it up. It's convenient because the wrist strap makes it like a clutch if you use it for evenings. I originally bought mine for my camera, but now I keep it in my purse to hold my essentials (Cards, ID, money, lip gloss, keys). Don't get both if you have to sacrifice the papillon or speedy. Of course pochette will be just as useful, if not more practical, but if you feel like something different (and much less common) go for wapity!!
  14. both....but for versitalliy, get the pochette....the wapitys cute, but more fr evenings and camera cases...
  15. Pochette is definitely more useful, I'd get the pochette first, and then the wapity ! :yes: