Which do ya'll think??

  1. I have the Aram in gunmetal (love this color), but am thinking I may like the Natasha! I'm kinda conservative, so I guess the structure of the Aram appealed to me more at first. Which do ya'll like better and why? TIA!
    kooba-aram-metallic-purse.jpg KOOB-WY236_V2-BIG.jpg
  2. I prefer the Aram! I also like the Aram in patent olive.

    I dont like the Natasha because I think it looks like Noahs Ark...:shame:
  3. I prefer the Natasha- I kind of like the "ark" (never thought of that!) b/c it looks like it would be comfy over the shoulder. I also like that it is a basic shape, with some interest due to the details on the handles and top of the bag.
  4. Oh boy- tie score. You guys are no help at all! I like the "ark" analogy too. :smile: C'mon girls... keep those opinions comin'!
  5. I like the Natasha I have it in the ink color and it is really rather slouchy it doesnt hold the shape to look like the arc although the patent might be more apt to than the reagular leather. I also fits over the shoulder nicely. But I havent seen the Aram in real life so I couldnt tell you about that one.
  6. I like the shape of the Aram, but haven't seen this bag IRL...Wouldn't swap the Aram for the Natasha...Noah's ark, LOL
  7. So we have Noahs Arc or the pants with the belt look Hmmm! LOL!
  8. lol Shockey!! I don't think I can carry the Aram now!!!
  9. I like the Natasha better personally. I don't think I like the Pants Purse too much....
  10. I did see a picture of someone carrying the Aram on an auction on eBay and it looked much better than those stock photos.
  11. I vote for Natasha. I really like that bag.
  12. Natasha for me too.
  13. I'm not keen on the pants and pockets look, so it has to be the Natasha for me, which looks practical for getting things in and out of.
  14. I also vote for the Natasha. Every time I see the Aram, I think of the pants/belt thing too...
  15. Natasha--I've been looking for an Ink for a month. I like the Aram too, just not as much :smile: