Which do u honestly prefer?


Which of the 2 do u like better?

  1. Mono riveting

  2. Ecru lambskin

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I love the riveting bags.. especially the mono and the ecru..but i have a couple of doubts..

    1. Will the mono still look as nice after it forms the patina? I noticed there is quite a large piece of vachetta on the bottom corners and i am not a fan of dark vachetta. :shame:

    2. I love the ecru lambskin.. but after looking at this..


    im not too sure anymore, especially since it cost a whopping $3300! Doesnt the bag look kind of worn? And it has not even been released that long ago :confused1:

    Would love to hear some opinions from u ladies! :yes::yes: Which do u prefer? looks-wise..practicality..lasting ;)
  2. I'm not a fan of the Monogram Canvas Riveting bags... so my vote goes towards the Ecru Lambskin.
  3. i'm goinna go with the mono riveting. i feel like the price going for the lambskin version, that money would be more well spent on an olympe piece.

    and i'm always a believer in mono being the most practical line too.
  4. Ecru! *waves~hi!* The seller must have use it as Bbags, throws on floor like celebs....poor bag! It's lambskin, so it needs some special caring, I have no doubt YOU can carry it w/o it deform to that stage *shiver*
  5. i would go for the lambskin, i just think it looks better in general, but yeh if you are thinking of an expensive bag then what about the olympe line? xx they have the nimbus in Birmingham boutique xx
  6. **waves back!!** :tender:

    That poor lambskin.. really wonder how someone can wear such a gorgeous bag out so badly. I will cry if i ever deformed my bag like that.. :crybaby:

  7. Im actually not a fan of monogram at all.. never had any classic mono piece in my collection.. but something about the riveting mono caught my eye.. ;) maybe its the shiny plate lol
  8. I have the nimbus ecru already :yes::yes: which really makes me think if i should be thinking of an ecru riveting.:p i think i just love whitish bags!

    Caley: yea i do agree that the money spent could be put to the olympe bags.. I was thinking of the riveting.. then saw the nimbus.. bought it and now im even thinking of a stratus pm but do i really want 2 olympe bags? hehe
  9. My vote goes to the gorgeous Mono Riveting. I think the classic Monogram looks beautiful with patina.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  10. I have to completely agree with the lambskin....ecru is amazing, but have you ever considered the black? that's also so stunning in person. :yes:
  11. I'm not crazy for them, but the lambskin one looks better IMO.
  12. i like the lamb skin one much better. It really is beautiful. But because i would worry about the wear ect, i would go for the black. But between your two the lamb skin is def the winner
  13. love them both but gotta be the lambskin :smile:
  14. Not taking into consideration the price, I like the lambskin much much better.
  15. thanks for the input ladies.. :tender: i did not think the lambskin was going to be soo popular!