which do people prefer???

  1. The Daimer Speedy
    The Daimer Papillon
    The Daimer Saleya PM
  2. i have the damier speedy...love it and love the selaya too...tried the PM yesterday...looks good!
  3. Saleya PM, followed by Papillon.
  4. I have the damier speedy, and i love it, but i also love that saleya. It opens up a lot wider than the speedy. Plus, it has that gorgeous alcantera lining. it's more expensive than the speedy. I would have gotten the saleya, but I didn't have a speedy at the time, so I chose speedy. But, I would love to have the saleya in any size. Very easy to get in and out of. Are you going shopping soon?
  5. wow! tough decision...but i love the shape of the papillon.
    speedy and saleya is more practical for everyday use IMO.
  6. i'll say speedy. i just love the shape, very versitle.
  7. The Daimer Saleya PM
  8. Saleya!!
  9. Another vote for Saleya.
  10. Probably either Saleya or Speedy.
  11. *damier :angel:

    i would have to say papillon, and then speedy.
  12. Ditto.
  13. I prefer none of them actually.. I love alma better.
  14. Saleya PM, have it and love it! :heart: It's the perfect every day bag.
  15. damier speedy :P