which do people prefer for summer daimer azur or white MC?

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  1. I am not getting anything but, love to dream about different LV looks...next year I would like to get a light coloured bag and it would be between the daimer azur and the white MC...right now I think I like the white MC a tad more...also it is a tad bit more expensive but, bright and colourful...which do other people prefer Daimer Azur or White MC?????
  2. i like the azur..is more fresh...not crazy about the white mc anymore....maybe 3 years ago it was fantastic...now it's just everywhere!
  3. I think Azur looks better, more adult, not as "trendy."

    Don't get me wrong, I love white MC, but only in small accessories.

  4. YEAH..i only like the cles in MC now...i can prolly handle the black MC speedy but not the white one.
  5. I like the white MC better because in the summertime, I like brighter and more colorful things. In general, I'm not that crazy about the Damier Azur line, I prefer the regular Damier line better.
  6. White Mc!!
  7. ITA Jane...I like the Azur for larger pieces.

    However, I would like to get a MC pouchette one day:smile:
  8. I love the white MC because of all of the colour..not sure how the daimer azur will look in real life...cream and grey/purple??? Also love MC sandals for summer do not own any but, love the look with the bags it is soo girly!!!!!
  9. I love to carry my Black MC Speedy!!!
  10. I prefer the MC, I'm still undecided about the azur to be honest.
  11. I think the Azur is quite "wintery" and I always think of snow when I see it. Multicolor is definitely a summerpattern for me.
  12. I'm not a fan of white MC so I'd probably lean towards the Azur.....but I'll proudly carry my black MC speedy during the summer!
  13. I like the MC patter better for summer. The white is more colourful!
  14. I'd love the Azur organizer to go with my Perle Bedford, great for winter, plus all year I think, but want the MC white pochette just so bad, probably would be a summer piece... but, would still wear fall, maybe not dead of winter, but maybe...:ban:
  15. I prefer white MC to the Azur!
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