Which Do I choose: LV or Hermes, that is the question!

  1. Ladies, I have a problem. I have started shopping for my mom's birthday gift, even though her birthday is not until October 26! :shrugs: My mom will be 45 years old, she likes things that are subtle, nothing too flashy. I was thinking of getting her an agenda. My question is will you rather get a Louis Vuitton agenda, or Hermes agenda? I was thinking a Louis Vuitton medium agenda, or a Hermes small agenda? What would you chosse ladies??:supacool:
  2. if she doesnt liek flashy go fo rhermes, i am a huge lv fan so i prefer lv epi would be the most subtle lv, then suhali followed by vernis and damier
  3. For your mom, DEFINITELY Hermes... it's the ultimate status brand, and most women my Mom's age would rather have Hermes than LV.
  4. Both are good choices but I would say Hermes for your mom. It's classy and doesn't scream out "this is Hermes"!
  5. I'd say if you dont want flashy hermes or lv mat or vernis.
    Otherwise if she doesnt mind the LOGO so to speak, Mc or Mono Lv.
  6. Hi Impsola! Both are very good choices. But I would go for Hermes!

  7. Thank you all!!!! I think I would choose Hermes! I have seen some agendas that are just sooo beautiful! I will get a LV agenda myself!!!!
  8. Hermes without a doubt!