Which Do I Buy Before The Price Increase?

  1. With the price increase looming over all of our heads, I decided to buy one large bag before I have to pay more $ for it. LOL.

    I always carry small everyday bags. I carry either a PST or e/w flap or medium flap for an everyday bag.

    I want a large bag now, and although it will not be carried as much as my smaller bags, it will still be functional for me.

    It is a toss up for me between a JUMBO FLAP and a GST. I already own the smaller versions of both, and that is why I have the dilemma. But since these are both classics, I know they are being affected by the increase and want to get one of these now.

    Here are my choices (and subject to availability of course....but I will ultimatly hunt down what I want LMAO).
    1- JUMBO BLACK FLAP (classic chain since I already have the new chain)

    I also have a small distressed caviar bag and want the Jumbo too. I ordered it, then changed my mind and now want it again. But this time not sure if I am going to get the Jumbo or the medium. That bag is going to wait since I don't think the price increase will affect that bag. (At least I hope not).

  2. Oh no!
    I know the GST will go up in price, but is Is the Jumbo flap going up in price again? :crybaby::wtf::crybaby:
  3. get 1 or 2
  4. Get GST.
  5. Personally i would get the Jumbo!
  6. so far the results are a tie! LOL
  7. Symp - what Chanel do you already have in your collection?
  8. Jumbo! :yes: ;)
  9. I am not a "collector" per se...what I do buy I definitely use. I don't like my bags sitting in my closet. LOL. My Chanels are all small. Off the top of my head, I have a medium flap, an east west flap in black with new chain (which is a great day and evening bag), PST in black with gold hardware, PST beige...and east west distressed brown caviar. SO you see, time for a size jump and a price jump. LOL
  10. I would say Jumbo
  11. I say the black GST.
  12. i say the black gst because it is a true tote. the jumbo is large, but it won't fit a magazine or a sheet of paper. if you really need to haul things around, which to me is the purpose of a big bag, the gst would perform that function better. if you overstuff a jumbo flap, it'll really destroy the shape of it.
  13. Since you like smaller bags, I think you should get a Bordeaux GST! I think a Jumbo flap is kind of big and bulky, medium would be better. :smile:
  14. I think the bordeaux GST is real nice. I vote for it.
  15. #2...very versatile.