which disney character is this?

  1. hi,

    whilst we were in disney world, my daughter collected autographs from all the characters she met. one of them was this and we aren't sure who he is:sweatdrop:...so, i thought that maybe one of my fellow tpf-er might have a clue?

    thanks in advance:flowers:
    mystery disney.jpg
  2. That's the villain from Pocahontas, Governor Ratcliffe:

  3. thanks so much, caitlin =)....i really appreciate it.

    we got his autograph and tried figuring out what it reads to find out who he was.
  4. I think it would be SO fun to be a Princess at a Disney World Park, but I think I've gotten a little too old for the job now :sad: It was always a dream of mine as a little girl, haha. Anyone have any experiences?
  5. ^ I actually have a friend who was a "Disney actor" for a summer. He absolutely hated it. He basically said that it's a high stress demanding job with crazy long hours, so you're always sleep deprived, miserable and uncomfortable yet you HAVE to be super happy and smiley ALL the time. He still loves Disney and hopes to work for them again someday, but never again in the parks :shrugs: