Which discontinued pieces do you want to be available again for purchase at LV?

  1. Alma pomme pm
  2. WATERCOLOR SPEEDY. Darn. I was too late to jump on the LV bandwagon and missed this!! Oh! And the Animania collection!!! Those little squirrel and bunny coin purses~so cute!!! I would have definitely bought those to store food for the parking meter. Back then, I used coin purses that looked like a chocolate chip cookie and pizza (lol, it was very realistic looking...people thought I was pulling a slice of pizza out of my bag). Not only do I wish for the watercolor to come back, but I wish they would make it in 25!!
  3. Definitely the Epi Sac plat! I am searching everywhere for a great pre-owned one but I'd rather buy one brand new if it was available.
  4. Monogramoflage but in more pieces!
  5. Mirage Speedy!!
  6. Fleur de Jais Speedy, MC Kate Clutch, and both the Watercolor Speedy and papillon (one in each color).

    But a large part of the appeal of LE purses is their brief availability and limited quantities. While I wish that the above 4 purses were still available, I like that the LE and discontinued bags I own are no longer available--it makes them more special!
  7. Suhali Lockit ~ Verone!
  8. Watercolor speedy!
  9. Damier Vaslav.....love that piece
  10. I agree .. such a beautiful colour and great design:smile:
  11. Watercolor papillon and cherry blossom sac plat :heart:
  12. Watercolor papillon and cerises sac plat :heart:
  13. Wrote cherry blossom by mistake :-[
  14. Lockit Suhali!!!
  15. The vernis spring street. It is such a classic piece...