Which discontinued Mulberry's are on your wish list?

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  1. Mulberry have discontinued some gorgeous classic and timeless bags in the last few years and replaced with shiny "trendy" styles.

    What discontinued bags do you still want to add to your collection?

    To my tiny collection oak SBS and chocolate Roxanne, I would like to add a chocolate rosemary as it's the little sister of Roxanne which I adore to carry but don't pack enough stuff on a daily basis to justify carrying around that beast. The rosemary is very cute and compact to suite my 4ft 11 height.

    It would be fun to find out your most wanted.
  2. Great thread

    To be honest most of my collection is made up of discontinued styles or have been 're-invented' with supposedly 'new and improved' leathers ;)

    I actually prefer the older styles and leathers. I like my bags to smell, feel and look leather.

    Mini Taylor, oak Bryn, Daria hobo and small Del Rey, the last two not actually discontinued, just 'new leather'

    I love an oak Pheobe, Postmans lock in black or khaki, Ink Hetty small clipper in SS and if I was to be really brave, I would go for the Brooke in black if course.....nearly forgot small polly in midnight or conker.

    As for discontinued colours and leathers, ink, conker, foggy grey, heavy suede ink.

    Think that's it
  3. I love the old version of the Effie satchel, in my opinion the larger tree is much more eye catching and defining than the new tiny tree!
  4. I think I have the older style ones I wanted( Roxy,Emmy,Rosemary) the only one that I keep a look out for is the Tillie in midnight or the ink Alexa. The leather on the black Tillie I own is fantastic, but I think as I have the midnight Alexa I am covered when it comes to that colour..............
  5. Id love a Bayswater Heritage in Fudge....xx
  6. Black trout.
  7. I would like a time machine to go back and buy all the 2007 styles at 2007 prices!!!
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    The only ones I'd be tempted by are shiny oak bryn, oak brooke & the trout satchel in congo leather. The mabel was on my wishlist for a while but I've managed to get all the colours I wanted.
  9. I wish I had gotten a Bryn in oak or black and a small Polly (i have the medium, love it but it is a bit too big) in pumpkin.
  10. I would love a few more Ledbury :biggrin:
  11. Is there any room in that machine for me!! 2007 was def Mulberrys era.
  12. I really would love a small black Bryn. Had one but thought it was a bit too small for my needs so I sold it, but I have since then mangaged to cut down on all junk I do carry around so now a small one would be perfect.
    I do have a gorgeous small blush Bryn and it is very lovely, but I would really prefer this bag in black.
  13. Jump on board
  14. Mine would be the large heritage bayswater satchel in nightshade, silky snake alexa in nightshade & alexa in conker
  15. None for me.