which discontinued LV bag do you miss and wish it would come back out ?

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  1. which discontinued LV bag do you miss and wish it would come back out ?
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  2. Delightful GM, Evora MM, Trevi PM
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  3. Eva
  4. Raspail line.. I really want the gm tote
  5. Definitely the Twice/ Twinset
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  6. Evora!
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  7. The Saleya PM. Practical, versatile, and seemingly indestructible. The only handbag I ever owned that was better to me than I was to it.
  8. Epi Alma MM - just as I was about to buy it was discontinued :sad:
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  9. Uh, nice question! There are quite a few for me (that I can remember right now, of course!)

    •W Tote.
    •Soft Lockit.
    •The Malletage bags from NG's early seasons (especially the Alma PM.)
    •The Monogram Infrarouge line (especially the Dora.)
    •Actually, there were some very interesting bags from NG's first couple of runways and even though they were seasonal items, I wish they would bring them back (I'm aware that they weren't popular, however.)
    •Épi Marly.
    •Just varied (and nicer) colors on the épi Alma PM and Capucines MM. Oh, and on the recently reintroduced épi Speedy.
    •Mahina XL, Theda, Suhali Fabuleux (I can see why they are gone though.)
    •Selene Hobo.
    •Python Artsy.
    •Monogram Étoile Exotique Tote.
    •Majestueux Tote.
    •Cabas Mezzo.

    Also, I know this is about bags, but there have been some really cool seasonal shoes!
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  10. Palk and Newport backpack. :loveeyes:
  11. Nomade range
    SC Clutch in alligator
    Ability to SO bags
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  12. The old Saint Cloud bag. The new version is ok but the old version was nicer.
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  13. Galliera

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  14. Yes. Without the plate would be nice.
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  15. The sunglass case PM, I wish I had one for my reading glasses :sad:
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