Which discontinued color do you miss the most?

  1. In epi, vernis, and suhahli which color do you miss the most?

    Myrtile, Indigo and Plum are the ones I am sad went away :crybaby:
  2. Plum in suhali...such a stunning colour:love:
  3. ...vernis fuschia...
  4. Epi green
    Vernnis fuschia
    Suhali plum
  5. fuschia here also :smile: i'm all about pinks!!
  6. vernis marshmallow
  7. mandarin, violet, and plum (isn't that the only discontinued color for the suhali?)
  8. Vernis Marshmallow and Lavender
    Epi Lilac and Vanilla
  9. Plum, Marshmallow, Lilac! I'm all about the pinks and the purples.
  10. vernis: marshmallow, bronze, and indigo
    suhali: plum
  11. Epi- Vanilla
    Vernis- Purple
    Suhali- Plum, for sure :heart:
  12. indigo!!!!!!!
  13. Vernis: bronze, lavender and indigo
    Epi: lilac,moka
    suhali: plum
  14. Vernis marshmallow...I wish I was addicted to LV when it wasn't discontinued yet :crybaby:
  15. epi lilac, red vernis, and plum suhali