Which Dior Vintage Flowers bag should I get?

  1. Hi everyone!:heart:

    Which bag should I get?
    [​IMG] I like this one


    [​IMG] I kinda like this one too..

    I really want to get the Dior Vintage Flowers frame bag but can't find it anywhere:shrugs:... so whicih one you think is better?:confused1:
  2. I vote for number 1
  3. I like the first one too
  4. i like the second one.
  5. What does the strap look like on the second bag?
  6. The first one look cute.
  7. i like the first one too!
  8. yeps, 1st one looks lovelier! :flowers:
  9. i'm voting for the first.

    if you're really set on the vintage flowers frame, it pays to be REALLY patient and wait for one to come up on eBay (it does from time to time and that's how i got mine, after waiting for maybe a good 5 months?).

    and cherrieblossoms, the straps to the second one is similary to the dior girly lines - has dior in darker beige/brown running along the length of it like so:
    (picture courtesy of sabine's boutique)
  10. im totally voting for the first one if you dont wanna wait to snatch the frame one on eBay! :yes:
  11. yup totally not going to get any bag from eBay cause to me they are all fakes. I am going to woodbury tomorrow to get it.:yahoo: I'm from NYC so I see way too many fakes from Canal st :push: lol...
    but some fakes are very good copies.:wtf:
  12. The first one is REALLY cute.
  13. Number 1! I think it would be a better everyday bag since it looks easier to carry.
  14. ahh thx for the pic Zerodross!

    I vote for the second one, because I like the embroidered flowers placement and composition more, though it seems a little more 'everyday' than the first (because of the strap style). Ahh both are really nice ;)
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    Great bag from a greatvcollection