Which Dior to take to Dallas???

  1. Alrighty Ladies I need your help. I'm packing to catch a plane in a couple of hours to Dallas for business for 4 days. I only want to take one handbag. I have it narrowed down to either my large gold Gaucho or washed metallic Rebelle shoulder bag. Both are roomy enough for travel and will go with the clothes I packing (I'm packing neutrals I think). I just want to bring one. Which one should I bring???
  2. i'd vote for the large gold gaucho, because it's just so glamourous looking and different from the other dior saddles.

    but then again, the rebelle would be a nice understated choice for those sort of sombre business meetings.

    heh, i'm not helping. but gold gaucho! all the way!
  3. Rebelle Shoulder bag.....like zerodross said..understated....
  4. The gold Gaucho is very extravagant, and as long as the rest of your wardrobe is smart casual-formal I'm sure the Gaucho will go well with it.

    Plus with the gold Gaucho you can make an impression that lasts (not that you can't do it with the Rebelle but the gold - and the Gaucho design - are really unique).
  5. Gaucho all the way:biggrin:
  6. Thanks ladies. I decided to take the Gaucho and it worked well. I was working a conservative show and needed to simplify my wardrobe quite a bit so the bag gave it the edge I needed.

    Thans again!!!